Project total CPU time equivalent to: 366959 years, 282 days, 16 hours of Athlon 3500+ running stock app.

Best scores for active workunits/batches:

m3_weuwy48_2: score: 26670  settings: B:FV:DHB:341:AOBDFQGXIRJTKYLUMNPWSZ
opflangriqxbeeisevimverfplachiebstattxzurspruter found by beavis727727

g4_vroln72_2: score: 1475051  settings: C:EK:RRXJ:B256:BSCODUEGHVIPLRMQNT
thfwzzleninuuefftttbpndiachesellteinbfnsnahertxeauuuuuuuurxxspfeitrnleit found by [SG]ATA-Rolf

g3_alqfi87_7: score: 40558  settings: B:TH:WVT:231:ABDUFOGXHMIRKNSWTV
rchnixeisxaupzstklertenlgxbolxsaenkreittdrozwoemivnpofsenoswitazyxuhezxkmgexndortigenvo found by Ross*

g3_jbiyh55_1: score: 29599  settings: B:PN:UVX:534:ABCFDNEXIPJQKWLZMVORSUTY
asqzuffzeugauqflxkmnorpandwitevinniedowoxfehefaszexneru found by SHIELD

g3_rxpsb109_1: score: 47282  settings: B:SB:XMJ:215:AJBCDYEGFZHWIUKTLRMVOSPX
zoevflekxwinitgedoqumarmanxvabeiqtxhlkxbeixbcfdeamdhrkugtxnissegigezimmehintfleeiminstiersqxgeqsqauxviexoxi found by malcolm.teo

g3_rxpsb82_1: score: 39371  settings: B:HQ:YQG:513:AGBTCJDOFSHYILKMNXPUQVWZ
mgebendoreswofrgeanhegsbefenorgxzuxjnowhteionotdaurzuerembionfrgeuenmgenxstehortit found by Senture

g3_jbiyh55_2: score: 29491  settings: B:CO:HDG:423:BFCHDGERILJYMXNZOVQSTU
algoweixluqmwaxwjehlsexoinxbewaxmartigabssetrerbezunxmu found by ian

g3_mvueh82_1: score: 40027  settings: B:SZ:QXA:253:BPDYEHFOGVIKJULWMXQTRS
ncpollbahorndxsullmbunsxtornfsergtdurmsiszstattonriebenerokrinowanhansvenrnieraesv found by Senture

g3_algxz67_1: score: 33956  settings: B:FQ:ECE:124:ARBQCVDTELFKGIHWJYMPOU
lzumxkeisiweszmfedrerxvikuesaxsonqerztemelxonxscheutwxvikoemtagerue found by ID4

g3_rxpsb109_2: score: 47282  settings: B:SB:XMJ:215:AJBCDYEGFZHWIUKTLRMVOSPX
zoevflekxwinitgedoqumarmanxvabeiqtxhlkxbeixbcfdeamdhrkugtxnissegigezimmehintfleeiminstiersqxgeqsqauxviexoxi found by grcpool.com-2


FTNBK broken
The 101 letters long FTNBK message was broken.
Please abort all m3_ftnbk* / g3_ftnbk* workunits as they're not needed anymore.

There might be a short break in WU availability as I have to clean up batches that are not needed anymore and prepare new ones.

More info will be posted here: http://www.enigmaathome.net/forum_thread.php?id=1109
15 Sep 2017, 22:34:34 UTC · Discuss

KLDIO broken
(this is a quick repost from Number Crunching)

A few hours ago Dave GPU returned the plaintext of KLDIO 90.
More info was posted in this forum thread

Please abort all the g3_kldio* workunits that haven't started yet, as they're not needed anymore.
2 Aug 2017, 17:13:07 UTC · Discuss

New app: "Enigma Test", OpenCL and Linux tests
I'm going to add a new application which will be used to test new app versions and platforms/plan classes.

It will run it's own mini batches of test work and once the tests are done and finished with success, the test app / app version / platform will be reassigned to standard workunits.

Test app will have it's own checkbox in project preferences and it will be reset to off for everyone on each app version change.

First app versions that will be tested soon are:
- OpenCL/ATI version of GPU app.
- Linux version of CUDA app.

I'm not sure when it will be released but my early estimate is somewhere around end of this week.
12 Jul 2017, 13:37:38 UTC · Discuss

Enigma Cuda 1.07
CUDA app version changed to 1.07 for both Windows x86 and x86_64.
I have removed the plan_classes "cuda" and "cuda23" because the app required compute capability 2.1+ cards & I haven't seen even a single task completed with success on "cuda23" plan_class.

The new version was recompiled to allow compute capability 2.0 cards:
GeForce GTX 590, GeForce GTX 580, GeForce GTX 570, GeForce GTX 480, GeForce GTX 470, GeForce GTX 465, GeForce GTX 480M (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CUDA)
so in theory anything from Fermi up should work.

The CUDA app requires Visual Studio 2015 c++ redistributable package installed to run.
8 Jul 2017, 11:19:50 UTC · Discuss

GPU app
As some of you may have already noticed, there is a GPU version of Enigma software available for testing. It requires nvidia GPU, and probably will run on anything that supports CUDA, I have tested it myself on a couple of low end cards and it ran just fine, except that the system was lagging and WU runtime was very long.

Until yesterday it required app_info to run, this was changed and currently it will be sent to any host that has 'beta work' allowed in preferences. I have reset the beta flag to off for everyone.

The app is marked as "beta" because there are still some issues both on the client and server side. Also, currently the GPU app runs via wrapper and that causes some issues, for example, this page says that interrupting GPU app while it is running the kerney may cause system crash. This is worst case scenario and so far I haven't seen it myself, but I assume it's possible.

Other than that, if left untouched, the app runs smoothly. At this moment it'll only run on CUDA device #0.

Progress bar does not work with the current version of the wrapper, but it's not a high priority thing at this moment, as tasks are relativery short: from ~20 minutes on GTX1050 to around 3m30s on 1080Ti. The app uses internal checkpoints and will automatically resume from the last checkpoint if restarted.
26 Jun 2017, 18:22:48 UTC · Discuss

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