Project total CPU time equivalent to: 10643 years, 232 days, 7 hours of Athlon 3500+ running stock app.

Best scores for active workunits/batches:

m4_vroln72_5: score: 2713678  settings: B:ZH:JPTY:G532:AJCGDKESITMWNPOVUX
ebenvenseezmzkegentneupsoswonfzentsatxkotttttensxschitnahdrengebenyhandu found by wiesel

m4_vroln72_6: score: 2664270  settings: B:EU:CIKU:B764:ALBMCDENGOHJIXKVSUYZ
zsjhlfomrgmvierebeinuserbuuufrenstunssxuenvonefxuufxerekuecduuufuehavsix found by jgraham

m4_vroln72_10: score: 1475051  settings: C:EK:RRXJ:B256:BSCODUEGHVIPLRMQNT
thfwzzleninuuefftttbpndiachesellteinbfnsnahertxeauuuuuuuurxxspfeitrnleit found by motyalt

m4_vroln72_9: score: 1475051  settings: C:EK:RRXJ:B256:BSCODUEGHVIPLRMQNT
thfwzzleninuuefftttbpndiachesellteinbfnsnahertxeauuuuuuuurxxspfeitrnleit found by DangerNerd

m4_vroln72_12: score: 1475051  settings: C:EK:RRXJ:B256:BSCODUEGHVIPLRMQNT
thfwzzleninuuefftttbpndiachesellteinbfnsnahertxeauuuuuuuurxxspfeitrnleit found by jbo_85

g4_test72_1: score: 2056221  settings: B:TH:FGVN:G438:BQCHDIEJGLKPNVOUSZTY
gruppenmarymhmituuudreinulzwovirunbuugzwofunfdreiochtnachtravemuevdevvvu found by oh2hyt

g4_test72_3: score: 2056221  settings: B:TH:FGVN:G438:BQCHDIEJGLKPNVOUSZTY
gruppenmarymhmituuudreinulzwovirunbuugzwofunfdreiochtnachtravemuevdevvvu found by Peciak

g4_test72_4: score: 1894118  settings: C:EL:DITL:B568:AEBFCMDQHUJNLXPRSZVW
uuueinseinsnuldrfikkeiselekkvodvonfduuuostingxxxsofortumfangdovkarbeithe found by oh2hyt


Scheduled upgrades
The server requires BOINC server code upgrade to support GPU app,
Per-app credits, application selection and a couple of other things.

I have scheduled the upgrade for this weekend, the server will be stopped on saturday, in worst case it might even go completely offline for a couple of hours.

25 May 2017, 21:37:06 UTC · Discuss

Web server moved to new location
Since May 1st my VPS (which is running the web server) was unreachable almost half of the time and it eventually died. The tech support was unable to fix the problem so I decided to move somewhere else.

The server now runs on Amazon Lightsail with a new IP address -

13 May 2017, 11:04:00 UTC · Discuss

The reason why work generator is stopped
I have stopped the work generator because IMO it does not make sense to continue the batch that runs with the original ("naval") dictionary set, where upgraded dictionary sets have already failed with similar number of target restarts.

IMO it's better to try with another dictionary set and tweaked app.
Both cases, however, require major upgrades on the server side - for performance reasons, I have removed some of the functionalities it originally had and now I have to add them back. It's going to take 2-4 weeks because my job leaves me very little spare time. I'm also going to clean the database from any leftovers, there are still over 20k workunits in the db, probably most of them are broken WUs that accumulated over time (at some point there was a sudden failure of SSD drive where the database filesystem is located, it was replaced by RAID5 setup with the data restored from backup, but ~4500 workunits/results ended in messed up state). I'll wait a few days and then all the orphaned workunits / results will be removed.

Also, all future (larger) batches will be split into a group of smaller sub-batches. While the batch is running, the server requires access to all the results that were returned and if the database gets to big, performance suffers. It also makes creating 'offline' backups harder due to the amount of data in the db dump.

In a few days I'll post downloadable results from the previous batches in case anyone wants to take a look.

19 Apr 2017, 23:04:21 UTC · Discuss

Recent changes in account creation
As everyone may have already noticed, the project has been heavily hit by spammers. For the last weeks I've been fighting with up to 10k registrations per day, mostly just empty accounts which were created for unknown reasons (very few of them actually posted anything on forums or created profile/spam team).
I've been looking into possible ways to filter out the spammers right where they start (registration) and after looking at a few of possible solutions, I made a patch for the BOINC server to use StopForumSpam databases. For now, the server does not allow access to registration script from any IP listed in SFS db and it also refuses to create account with email address which is blacklisted there. This immediately filtered out more than 99,9% of new accounts, the rest is reviewed manually and eventually spammers that slipped through registration are reported back to the SFS.

There is also a daemon scriptwhich runs in background, randomly picking account and checking it against the blacklists, all accounts registered with blacklisted email address will be gone sooner or later together with any team and/or profile they have created (the script works very slowly, checking one account every few minutes, as I dont want to stress the SFS API which is a great free service).
The script won't touch anyone who has any credits or even hosts attached, so legitimate accounts should be safe even if someone has their email blacklisted.
24 Aug 2016, 12:44:25 UTC · Discuss

Work generator paused
Recently the work generator has been paused because the server needs extended database maintenance (there is a significant amount of workunits stuck in unknown state, which affect performance).
I'm also running data analysis on all the results returned so far, the process eats a lot of resources so probably the work generator will remain stopped until the data analysis is done.
24 Aug 2016, 12:23:43 UTC · Discuss

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